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Grass and Flowers

January 23 2019

Mental health at work: how far have we come?

77% of survey respondents feel regularly stressed in their jobs, so Accountancy Age analyses the reasons why and shares what still needs to be done to improve attitudes towards mental health at work


25 May 2018

Stonewall interview: Transgender equality in the workplace

"A lot of this comes down to being a nice person and being genuinely interested and invested in transgender equality"


9 March 2018

Smaller businesses would choose apprentices over graduates according to new study

The AAT have discovered that nearly all small businesses surveyed have found apprentices valuable.


5 April 2018

Big Four sign social mobility pledge

Improving the UK's social mobility is a challenging but vital step forwards, and accounting firms are getting behind it.


January 23 2019

Why pride matters: companies should be sharing the message all year round

Three quarters of people in the LGBTQ+ community feel they cannot show affection to their partners in public, and businesses need to help change this

Stressed Woman

15 May 2018

8 ways to deal with stress in the workplace

Over three quarters of people say they regularly feel stressed in the workplace.

Thinking Man on Couch

27 April 2018

How does your workplace handle mental health?

Good, bad, or non existent, we asked our audience about their experiences of mental health at work


9 April 2018

What does it mean to be an accountant in 2018?

We spoke to Marcus Williams of Morgan McKinley about what it means to be working as an accountant now, and what the industry might look like in the future.

Open Laptop

January 23 2019

PwC bans all-male job shortlists in bid to tackle gender pay gap

With the highest gender pay gap of the Big Four, PwC implements a new initiative to get more women into top level positions

Go Team

3 May 2018

How successful was CIMA's joint venture with the AICPA?

Accountancy Age spoke to Andrew Harding, the Association's CEO-management accounting, about careers, the future of management accountancy, and the joint venture between CIMA and the AICPA


January 14, 2017

EY supports Stonewall in transgender equality initiative

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Thinking Man on Couch

January 23 2019

How to talk about mental health at work

One in three of us experience a mental health problem at work, but people still class it as an awkward, difficult, or inappropriate topic to discuss in the workplace

Skaters Walking

30 May 2018

Is the future of finance female?

Gender pay gap reporting revealed that more men are in senior roles than women in the accountancy sector and the Accountancy Age salary survey found a pay gap of 21.5% overall in the accounting profession.

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18 April 2018

Accountancy Age salary survey 2018: What are UK accountants earning right now? 

The average UK accountant earns a salary of £62,042, but this varies hugely depending on factors such as gender, location, level, company size, and sector.

Pink Sea

January 14, 2017

CEO of CABA on mental health, being honest, and the benefits of flexible working

Mental health isn't the taboo topic it used to be and yet 27% of people still admit feeling stressed in their day-to-day job, so Kath Haines says there is still work to do


30 April 2018

Dawn Butler MP on how to create better workplaces for LGBTQ+ communities

We interviewed the MP at Stonewall's annual workplace conference 2018.


16 February 2018

8 myths of a career in Accountancy

Like with most professions, there are certain stereotypes about what a career in accountancy involves, and what type of people accountants are. Like other stereotypes, these are for the most part myths and completely misleading.