Health Benefits of a Holiday

Sitting on the flight after a few days away in Madrid and trying to get over the fact the airplane had wifi, I began thinking about how much more relaxed I felt compared to a few days ago.

I wasn't exactly stressed, but I was very busy and trying to take on a lot of commitments. I'm still very much trying to figure out my career plans, and getting used to graduate life and living in a new place . It's an exciting and confusing time.

Since starting full time work in October last year, I have had an ordinary amount of holiday, but this is the first time I have been away for a length of time in quite a while. I have discovered there is definitely a health benefit to physically removing yourself from your normal, routinely surroundings.

"It's an exciting and confusing time"

For four days, I was forced to abandon social media and emails, forget about moving my career forwards, and pretend the word productive did not exist. I didn't write one list, when I usually scribble a few a day.

I would not want to remove these things from my life forever. They are part of how I tick. I enjoy feeling like I've achieved a lot at the end of a day which is why spend time thinking about my productivity.

But I think there's such a thing as doing this too much. Right now, at the start of my professional life, all I want to do is achieve. This means expecting myself to constantly be working towards my future. I sometimes even feel guilty when I watch a TV show because I feel like I should not allow myself to stop working, which I know is silly.

"I want to weave what I felt like in Madrid into my everyday life"

I don't want to stop working hard, but I do want to strike a healthier balance which includes having time out during my daily life. This might even make me more productive.

I want to weave what I felt in Madrid into my everyday life. This will be about planning time in my day to do whatever I want. It might only be half an hour of picking up a book, painting my nails, or watching TV but it will be time when I can take myself away from lists and goals. I can be spontaneous, and not have to justify everything I do. That's what walking Madrid's streets felt like, and I definitely recommend it to anyone feeling burnt out.