The Challenge. You want an influential and rewarding career, initially with your peers and later rising up the ranks. How do you do it? Here are five tips.

Take time

You will feel out of your depth at times, believe me even the most experienced do at times. You do not need to solve every issue, every hour of the day and seem confident immediately. Explain your actions, thoughts and concerns with clarity. Plan ahead, take notes and have pride as you are doing well.

I do not prescribe to making others look less capable, I suggest you use their strengths to highlight those you possess. Ask questions, it is a strength so do not fear it. No question is too daft.


Take time to practice. Andy Murray did not become No1 by playing tournaments every day. He spends lots of time on the practice courts. You should do so too to ensure when you are in the front line your performance does you proud and is well rehearsed.

Leaders all started somewhere, many in a similar position to you. Find one who can act as your mentor and they will be able to provide guidance. If not available formally, just watch and learn from what they do and it will help you to prosper.


Listening is an amazing, very under used skill. You know what you will speak so do not listen to yourself too often. You continuously improve by listening to others so ensure you learn to do it. Good leaders do it, regardless of their age and experience. Listen, say a little, listen again, Easy.

Know your strengths

Tackling challenges head on is vital, including any that are your own. Have a ‘Peter Pepper’ approach and be a positive, proactive, preparative, problem solver. Identify your strengths and those of others, it will lead to success.

What were the skills that helped you stand out at school, at university, during interviews and during your career so far? It is likely that you can carry these throughout. Identify them and know those that can cover gaps or coach you so there are few gaps.

Use age as an advantage

A young person/leader offers a unique perspective and attitude which older peers may not possess. An older person/leader usually brings bags of experience and knowledge. Each can contribute and together they have all bases covered. Know your value and respect those of others.


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