A melodic battle between humanoids and machines cries out ‘how we gonna last’. Queen wrote this haunting machines song in the mid 80s, The articles and lectures read and heard recently suggest that the time for the song may finally be upon us. If so, how are we going to last? How are those with a career to compete?

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

First, it may not be as bad for humans as it seems. Stories that 50% of jobs will go as automation or artificial intelligence takes over fail to balance this with the technology flaws that exist and the new benefits and roles that will follow.

The flaws are readily seen in recent ransomware and airport incidents, let us not dwell on them. Regardless of blame or accountability, we are a while from fully trusting machines. Ironically, this is because humans need to be involved. If business does trust AI, the public will rebel at the first sign of trouble. It will be a bumpy ride.

The main benefit for humans is augmentation. There are many that cannot achieve today whatever their aim, maybe with a well fed and watered machine that achievement is finally within reach. There are those that have achieved and through illness have had to give up, maybe they can achieve again. Options will open up.


Jobs that remain will clearly have technology and human elements to them. People will need to adapt as there is a percentage shift from people to smart machines. Less intelligent machines will remain too.

Smart managers will recognise that managing the smart machines is much like managing smart people. Clear, smart objectives will need to be set. Feedback/Test results will need to be gathered. This will ensure that future objectives are targeted and performance is smarter.

The temptation is for managers to go ‘techie’, this would be a mistake. An overview is fine, leave the rest to those that have the time. Focus on the vitally important people psychology and the evolving new ‘AI’ psychology. The two will be similar but different.

Believe in yourself

Manage with a self-belief while others around you choose fear. If you are young, you know this ‘tech’, it will be similar to what you use. If you are older, you know people, so use the principles you have learnt and apply it to the machines.

Often decisions made are not wrong. Use your existing 'human' knowledge as reassurance, trust your instincts and it will earn you respect. Accept that you may not always get it right and that people and machines will 'disagree' with you. Use these experiences and it will shape what it is to be a successful, trusted leader of Humans and AI.

‘Back to humans…..'


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