Power Of Three

Seek out principles, see if you can apply them to your activities. This is a favourite, see why.


In Photography, an image imagined is best divided into three columns and three rows.

In Composition, three points create more tension, energy and interest.

In Nostrils, there are three [there are two, I hear you cry] when you breath through your mouth.


In USA, it is life, liberty and happiness.

In France, it is liberty, equality and fraternity.

In War, that defends democracy, the intent is fellowship, survival and to return


In the beginning three devices were launched, Macintosh, iPod and iPhone.

In iPad it was a third device between the smartphone and the laptop.

In Products it was always thinner, lighter and faster (Steve Jobs loved the rule of three).


In Three Little Pigs there were three little pigs.

In Goldilocks there were three bears.

In Homo Deus and the future aims will be upgrading, immortality and happiness.


In Alien there is a superb triplet.

In Star Wars there will be three superb triplets shortly.

In Bourne there were three good books.


In Change, there be three project managers with three projects each.

Is this compulsive behaviour, madness or natural sense?

Is the nostril the inspiration for the office printer with trays?

If there are three it is generally funny, satisfying and efficient. A little tired of writing in threes now!


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